SISMID 2020 Course Materials

Background Materials

Click on the images below to access each resource.


Download R before class.
Download Sublime before class.
Familiarize yourself with R using this intro tutorial.
Optional background reading.


Day 1

Day 1 Lecture 1a slides
Day 1 Lecture 1b slides.
Day 1 R exercise. Simple deterministic SIR model.

Day 1-2 exercise PDF, parameter estimation
Day 1-2 exercise, parameter estimation R code
Day 1-2 data

Day 2

Lecture 2
Day 2 R exercise, stochastic simulations.
Day 2 R code, stochastic simulations.

Day 3

Day 3 Lecture
Day 3 R code, structured models


Day 3 R code for structured models

Group questions

Class Schedule

Certificate of Completion

  • Please complete the online evaluation available by logging into your Summer Institutes account. After you complete the evaluation, you will be able to download the Certificate of Completion through the account.
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