The Martinez Lab currently recruiting postdocs to join the lab at Columbia University! If you are interested in working on the dynamics of childhood infectious diseases or biological rhythms, contact Micaela.

Current Students (at Princeton University)

Aria Alexander

“I am currently a senior at Princeton, and I assist in digitizing paralytic polio data from the USSR. I am interested in ecology and evolutionary biology, Spanish, and global health/medicine.”


Daniel Navarrete

“I am currently a junior at Princeton, and I assist in gathering and analyzing population serology data on the rubella virus vaccine. I am from California and interested in molecular biology, immunology, Japanese, and Latino studies.”


Annalise Russo

“I am currently a junior at Princeton, and my work involves gathering population data pertinent to understanding the frequency of polio and other infectious diseases. Outside of the lab, I am interested in studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Global Health Policy.”



Past Students

Jesus Cantu

“A recent graduate from the Princeton Sociology Department, I am interested in how biological, sociological and psychological factors influence health and illness. In the lab, I am analyzing potential seasonal drivers for the varicella- zoster virus among border and non-border regions in the state of Texas. I hope that increased understanding of the drivers of infectious disease seasonality will improve the accuracy of public health surveillance and forecasting systems.”


Busola Alabi

“I am a Biomedical engineering Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. I am a member of the Shay/Wright lab and currently working on creating more physiological relevant ex-vivo 3D models to study colorectal cancer. I hope to be part of the next generation of scientific researchers that are helping to bridge the gap between science and engineering in order to find newer and more effective solutions to diseases. Outside of academic work, I like taking long walks, dancing salsa and trying out new cooking recipes.”


Emilia Iglesias

“I am a recent graduate working on applying to medical schools and post-graduate programs, with an aspiration to work with underserved populations. After working on the seasonality of Alzheimer’s disease with Micaela Martinez, I was fortunate enough to experience conducting research abroad thanks to her strong recommendation.”

7/15/14 UM students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

7/15/14 UM students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.